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About Mod WallCraft

Great mod Wallcraft for minecraft will allow players to build a fence from almost any existing materials in minecraft. There are about 120 species and they all possess similar strength, and have different resistance to fire, depending on what materials they are created. You can build a fence of glass blocks, lava, ice blocks, even their mushrooms and many other items. This modification significantly expands the ability for the construction of fascinating objects, as well as with the style for different biomes. Fences constructed of different materials on the same principle.two Minecraft Castle you can play as a couple, or a large company.




This mod will add in minecraft 50 new variations of construction of the fence. You will be able to build fences of various materials and any color palette. With this fashion, you will forever be able to forget about the typical fence in minecraft and make your mansion expressive.Mod adds to the game more than 5 dozens of fences of different materials. In the design of your house or any other buildings will significantly enhance your ability in the game.


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