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Install Forge 1.7.10 1.12.2
Files to extract all three of the JAR file and toss them in the mods folder.



Fashion new generation, this in minecraft you have not seen. The web monitor directly in the game which is not very difficult to do and it will give you a bunch of new emotions you will be able to use a web browser right in the game without having to leave minecraft, watch your favorite canal on Youtube and just watch all that you are interested in in-game. 


To create a monitor, you need to create a panel size 16x9x1, 16 blocks in length and 9 in height and 1 in width and all the monitor ready you now need to approach it to click with the right mouse button RMB and enter the address of the desired website or channel. Mod big web monitor in Minecraft is really cool and useful you can create the following screen including a favorite channel and watch video in parallel to build a house that's brilliant! 





Here is the mod, which might seem somewhat redundant to some players. Web Impressions mod allows players to literally surf the Internet, play their favorite game with a brand new Web Screen Block, among other new businesses. To surf the web, You will need a total of 144 out of this new block, organized in 16x9x1 form. It raises a good portion of the space in the world, and You will need a large plot absolutely plain, to get things started, but once You do, the sky's the limit, exactly the same as when You are browsing on the Internet outside of Minecraft.








This is just the beginning though. Web mod Shows requires You to do Minepad (play on iPad) to actually interact with the screen plus some other specialty items to make browsing easier once You are actually going to start searching the Internet. It is a pretty good mod and it implements some pretty interesting elements like the ability to connect to the world beyond Minecraft, but there is no doubt that watching videos on YouTube much easier when You just open Firefox or Your normal browser instead of having to do it through Minecraft. Very interesting, but complicated and messy, this mod still is fun


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