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Mojang changes its name to Mojang Studios for Minecraft

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About Mojang changes its name to Mojang Studios

While Minecraft just celebrated its 11th anniversary, a pretty important Mojang announcement has just been posted. The studio really decided to change its personality in order to better shape all the games that they develop and the spirit that they want to represent.


Since the creation of Mojang, over the years and successes, the studio has not stopped growing and turned to new projects with Minecraft. We can cite, for example, Minecraft Earth, a game in augmented reality, or Minecraft Dungeons, which tries to diversify the gameplay by attacking crawling dungeons. We also note all the ports on the console and on mobile devices of the Minecraft game, which contributed to its success among an increasingly wide audience. Finally, although there are no more announcements, the film project is still under development.


As a result, Mojang brings together all its teams and employees under the name: MOJANG STUDIOS. In continuation, the logo that accompanied them during their first decade of existence is inferior to a completely new graphic identity and is more suitable for future projects and ambitions of the coming decade.

This new logo was announced thanks to a trailer revealing to us the secrets of Mojang Studios production and the existence of “Mojangs,” which are the little creatures that make it up.


In conclusion, Mojang thanks his community and his players, without which it would not be possible, and recalls that although there are many new projects, Minecraft and its creators will remain their main problems. A short joke on this subject, they indicate that one of the new developers who joined the new studio learned programming through Minecraft. Therefore, this is a great example of updating a game through a community.

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