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Resource Pack Clash of Clans for Minecraft 1,9 1.9.2

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About Resource Pack Clash of Clans

The same, everyone's favorite Resource Pack Clash of Clans, a mobile online game which won the hearts of many players. And so now the Clash of Clance and Minecraft. In the game you will now be able to see new mobs to the game Clash of clans. All new characters will be 3D models(textures). You will find yourself in the world of Clash of Clans.This so-called mercenaries that you can hire when you make the siege of the other kingdoms in Minecraft. With these mobs you will have an increased chance to win the siege.




The author is very fond of the recent mobile hit Clash of Clans. And these textures are dedicated to the Battles of the Clans.Resources, weapons, and even mobs if not moved completely out of the game world, it is certainly made in similar style. Plus was introduced the original sounds that will surely make you remember not a single fun hour spent playing in the Clash of Clance.




Don't be surprised a new weird picture on your display. Extraordinary resource pack Clash of Mines [32x] change your virtual world beyond recognition. Having a mixed solution is the upgrade suitable for any PC. Along with a story and pictures of your character to slightly change its appearance. Everything will take a more realistic features and bright colors. Drawing small parts will find the most accurate shapes and shadows. The player will be much more interesting to be in the process of minecraft on their maps.


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