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Photobased Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10 1.9.4 1.9

foto Photobased Resource Pack

About Photobased Resource Pack


Very nice textures for Minecraft titled Photobased Resource Pack which will appeal to many players by its beauty and originality. This unfortunately is something unique, with an emphasis on XIX-XX century, the Roman Empire and other ancient times. You can build a lot of ancient buildings .ships and castles .Textures will help you create the best buildings that will 100% meet your wishes as the architect)



So today I will tell you about a resource pack for Minecraft it's called Kyctarniq in Photobased Resource Pack"!

So let's begin!

This resource pack has a very nice, clean and sleek style that can be felt in every texture. The developer has put a lot of effort in perfecting each texture.

I can't find any bad points when viewing this resource pack.


One good thing about this resource pack is that it perfectly works with both OptiFine and MC PATCHER.

This resource pack also uses photoshop, for example, the lava here is very realistic, to really demonstrate the quality that he has, I believe that you need to download!

In Kyctarniq in Photobased Resource Pack for Vector 1.7.9, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4 was started with an ordinary texture pack, but after updating my Minecraft developer decided to turn it into a resource pack. I really like this resource update this resource pack is a photo or photo-real. The creation of this resource pack used photos of the real item's life as inspiration, he then expanded the idea and colors to create the final product.




Download Links for Photobased Resource Pack


Download for Minecraft 1.10


Download for Minecraft 1.9.4


Download for Minecraft 1.9

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