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About Some information about Minecraft update 1.16

As Minecraft's awaited version 1.16 “Nether Update” looms, Sliced_Slime, a developer from Mojang Studios, recently spoke on Reddit about several of the announced additions and player reception. Find her press release below:


Piglin Farms

" style="margin: 10px; float: right;" />Sliced_Slime is adamant about this: many of these farms are based on insane mechanics, when a Piglin drops an object only recoverable after being killed by a player ... without being killed by a player. The developers therefore initially decided to break this type of farm by correcting this involuntary behavior. Following other aggression bugs, they had to restrict themselves to reintroducing the object drop glitch almost voluntarily in order to correct an experience bug in particular.

This game of mechanics corrected by breaking others leads therefore to version 1.16 to be very complex, but the developer specifies: none of this is final. For the moment the bug allowing creatures to drop special objects without being properly killed by a player is therefore kept in the update, but could be fixed!


Nether Fortresses Appearance


For one thing, fortress-specific creatures now actually appear in structures, rather than in an area surrounding the structure. Realizing that this change has a lot of impact on farm designs and community builds, the developers have decided to reintroduce exceptions to these rules. Sliced_Slime said, however, that it would be wise to build trusses within the structures themselves, such as in the cross sections of fortresses.

On the other hand, fortress creatures appear too often. This issue is related to the creature limit and how the game handles creatures globally, which makes it more complex to fix. It was therefore decided to overcome this concern after the release of version 1.16.

What do you think of the points made by the developer? We await your feedback in comments!


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